May 3 2018


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New Beginnings
Jun 19 2018

New Beginnings: Trainee Director Sam Jones discusses her first week at The Other Room

Mydidae - thoughts at the half way point
May 15 2018

Mydidae - thoughts at the half way point: OtherLife's first production, Mydidae, is at it's mid way point, we wanted to ‘open the doors’ to our rehearsal process and share with you some of the challenges, fears, excitement. Simon greets you and invites you into our room with total honesty…...

The Chemistry of Love
May 7 2018

The Chemistry of Love: Associate Director James Watt discusses The Effect by Lucy Prebble. Sweaty palms. Racing heart. Flushed cheeks. Butterflies in the stomach. We all recognise the physical symptoms of love. They’re the calling cards of attraction that make us lie awake at night, but what’s really going on underneath? What’s driving and triggering these telltale signs?