The Precision of Nonsense
Nov 29 2017

The Precision of Nonsense

I am sat around a table with Laura Jeffs-White and Anja Conti. It’s 10am. Business time.

“Thanks for agreeing to meet us at this time. I’m aware it’s early but it’s 6pm China time so a breakfast meeting for us was more convenient for them.”

“What’s the movement looking like on those files?”

“They’re definitely moving.”

“Roger from I.T has been folding them into paper aeroplanes and throwing them so they should definitely be here soon.”

“What’s their ETA?”

“6pm. Russian time.”

“I’m afraid we have to start the day with a Rolling Stones song. We learnt on our business retreat that it helps to motivate the workers.”

“Oh dear. In the time it took us to listen to that song we just lost 27 million.”

“Less money, less problems. We learnt that on our mindfulness retreat.”

“Let’s just fire all of I.T. Problem solved.”

“Perfect. You get a raise.”

“27 million?”

“A day? Perfect. This girl’s going places.”

Being with Laura and Anja (Flossy and Boo’s tamers) is like learning to understand the world from the beginning again. All must be researched and reinterpreted. The walls of the rehearsal room are covered in brown paper with pressing questions such as “what is a nog?” and “is there such a thing as Christmas porn?”

Anja is in charge of handling Flossy and her diva demands. Flossy likes money but only when it’s in the millions. She is pink, prissy and properly clueless.

Laura attempts to keep a leash on Boo who is brash and boisterous. Boo likes food and always seems to be getting into scrapes.

In the female-driven Autumn/Winter season at the Other Room, it’s great to see this theme continued into Christmas show. Whereas hang, My Name is Rachel Corrie and Death and the Maiden showcase the strength and endurance of women, Flossy and Boo demonstrate women’s ability to be funny and thrive.

Although they cover topics such as love, consumerism and the porn industry and(through song I might add) it is done with the childlike innocence of two people with a concussion genuinely trying to understand each topic.

This amnesiac oddness is remarkably accessible. There is no pretence or privacy to this brand of surrealism, it is oddness for all. Laura and Anja warmly welcome me into Flossy and Boo’s world. I am given permission to be strange alongside them.

They are proud advocates for precise nonsense. It is fun with a purpose.

By Nerida Bradley, Trainee Director

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