SEEN at The Other Room: SEEN / GWELD


Thursday 30th August 2018 @ 19.00

SEEN is our monthly new-writing scratch platform. Our theme for this month is ‘Identity’.

Our choice of theme is in response to the events that happened recently at London Pride; the parade being led by a group of anti-trans activists.

We want to explore how we perceive and acknowledge identity, the different ways in which we define ourselves and where the ownership of an individual's identity lies. This SEEN event is a platform for stories which centre around our relationships with our own identities, however we identify.

Our scripts for this month are...

Bi/Bi Baby by Izzy Bardon

A Cotton Ceiling by Joe Wiltshire Smith

Back to Normal by Mike Leitch

Hope to see you there!!

Don't know what SEEN is? Find out about our monthly scratch event here.

Cast & Creatives

Izzy Bardon, Joe Wiltshire Smith, Mike Leitch

Robyn Hough, Joshua Neal, Hannah Lad, Ross Leyshon, Mary Gyles, Absalom Thomas, Chris Sawalha, Maddy Ingram, Rachel Price, Lauren Ellis Stretch, Morgan Dawkins, Hollie Oleary, Deborah Newton-Williams


Performance begins at 19:00. For £5 tickets click button below or purchase on the door on the day (subject to availability).