SEEN at The Other Room: Resistance Isn’t Futile

Sunday 7th October @ 18.00

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of the seismic political and social changes across the globe in 1968, October's SEEN is all about protest.

We have chosen plays that protest in both form and theme. From subversive styles to new narratives; this October we've invited our SEEN writers to rock the theatrical boat, do away with the linear A-B narrative and rage against the norm.

Be it a short play or an extract from something longer, SEEN is an invitation into the creative process and a chance for the audience to be there at the very beginning. It is also a chance to join in, have a drink, take a seat and let the creatives know what you think. You can offer your thoughts and help shape the development of the work that could end up anywhere in the future.

Script submissions are now closed - come along and check out what's been curated!

Don't know what SEEN is? Find out about our monthly scratch event here.

Cast & Creatives

Emma Robinson, Tobias Weatherburn & Harry Smith



Immersive by Tobias Weatherburn

A Day In The Life by Harry Smith

Building Bricks and Roundabouts by Emma Robinson





Performance begins at 18:00. For £5 tickets click button below or purchase on the door on the day (subject to availability).