A message from TOR Artistic Director Kate Wasserberg...
Mar 23 2015

A message from TOR Artistic Director Kate Wasserberg...

Dear Friends,

It's been an amazing few months. The support for Blasted was overwhelming and it was fantastic to see so many of you there. A theatre like ours, brand new and tiny, cannot survive without a loyal audience and you were out in force. It felt like the beginning of something special. It was and is brilliant and just so, so exciting. Thank you.

We want The Other Room to make it through this first year, and the next and the next until it is part of the landscape. An immovable object.

So here's the thing. The thing that marketing departments never just come out and say, but that I want to say to you, because it is true and because it is important and because we want to be honest with you.

Please buy tickets, because without our audience, we won't make it.

Please buy tickets and come along to every show that you can. I know how it is – everyone is busy, or tired, or broke, or working too much and the days slip by and it's totally, totally understandable; we do it too. But please, please come to every show you can in this first year. Because if you - our dear friends and loyal supporters, can't make the time, we won't get the chance to grow. Stick with us and we will give you everything we have. I believe in The Other Room and I believe in you, our audience. The Dying of Today opens this week and we couldn't be more excited to let you see it.

Thanks, take care.

Kate x

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