Here you will find all the content alerts information to help you decide whether or not to book tickets. All of the information below was correct at the time of writing, but is open to changes made by the creative staff and companies. If you have any further questions about specific productions, please contact us by email: info@otherroomtheatre.com

Yma fe welwch chi yr holl wybodaeth am rybuddion ynghylch y cynnwys i’ch helpu i benderfynu p’un ai i archebu tocynnau ai peidio. Roedd yr holl wybodaeth isod yn gywir pan ysgrifennwyd hi, ond mae’n agored i newidiadau a wneir gan y staff creadigol a’r cwmnïau. 

Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau pellach am gynyrchiadau penodol, mae croeso i chi gysylltu â ni trwy ebost:  info@otherroomtheatre.com

Current productions and content warnings




Back To Berlin by Luke Seidel-Haas (CB4 Theatre)
  • Strong Language
  • Consumption of alcohol 

Fatty Fat Fat by Katie Greenall
FATTY FAT FAT doesn’t contain major distressing themes, but it does include:
  • Reference to weightloss/dieting
  • Strong language
  • Fatphobia
  • References to low self-esteem/negative body image
There are 3 points of audience participation:
  • x2 moments where individual audience members are invited onstage, of course there is option to decline.
  • x1 moment where the whole audience participate in a game from their seats.
Sexy Lamp by Katie Arnstein
  • Some misogynistic / sexist language
  • Occasional strong language
  • Mild references to sexual assault and sexual exploitation
  • Brief mention of animal cruelty / animal death
Sex Education by Harry Clayton-Wright
Age guidance: 18+.
  • Themes that some people may find distressing.
  • Nudity
  • Explicit sexual content

THE VIOLENCE SERIES on tour (15/01/20 - 15/02/20)

American Nightmare by Matthew Bulgo

  • loud and sudden noises
  • flashing lights
  • nudity / partial nudity
  • dystopian themes
  • references to sex and sexuality 
  • references to sex-work 
  • references to ableism and ableist slurs
  • references to animal cruelty/suffering 
  • references to self-harm
  • references to substance abuse/addiction
  • references to racism and xenophobia
  • references to war and genocide
  • references to infertility 
  • references to violent acts
  • references to Near-Term Human Extinction
  • acts of drug-use 
  • acts of violent assault 
  • acts of sex 
  • acts of sexual violence
  • acts of murder
  • use of racial slurs
  • use of ableist slurs
  • use of violent imagery


The Story by Tess Berry-Hart

  • Scenes of Imprisonment
  • Psychological Torture
  • Psychological Manipulation
  • Flashing lights
  • Strong language
  • Reference to war and conflict
  • Reference to child-grooming
  • Reference to trafficking
  • Reference to a relationship breakdown
  • Scenes of emotional disturbance
  • Scenes of panic attack
  • Reference to suicide 
  • Reference to suicide attacks
  • References to physical torture
  • Video footage of physical torture


Hela gan/by Mari Izzard

  • Synau uchel ac annisgwyl / loud and sudden noises
  • Goleuadau sy’n fflachio / flashing lights
  • Themâu’n ymwneud â rhyw ac iaith gref / sexual themes and language 
  • Disbaddiad / castration
  • Herwgipio / kidnapping
  • Themâu pedoffilig gan gynnwys cylchoedd pedoffilig / strong paedophilic themes including paedophilic circles   
  • Defnydd o gyffuriau / hunanddosio // drug-use / self-medication 
  • alcohol 
  • Ymosod / assault  
  • Rhyfel/hil-laddiad/troseddau rhyfel // war/genocide/war-crime
  • Gweithredoedd rhywiol treisgar / acts of sexual violence
  • Delweddaeth dreisgar / gwaed a gôr // violent Imagery / blood and gore
  • Noethni / noethni rhannol // nudity / partial nudity
  • Themâu dystopaidd / dystopian themes
  • Llofruddiaeth / marwolaeth / ymosodiadau treisgar // murder / death / violent assault