The Other Room relies on a variety of sources of funding to stay afloat. Without this support, we wouldn't be able to be Cardiff's Pub Theatre. A huge thank you to all of our supporters...


A huge thank you to our SupporTOR's who regularly offer their financial support to give our theatre a future life: Jordan Bernarde, Claire Boot, Vivienne Buckley, Timothy Burns, Simon Curtis, Ken Griffin, Ian Kinsey, Katja Krebs, Gareth Lucey, John Minkes, Kate Wasserberg, John Wilkins, and 8 other anonymous donors.
If you're interested in becoming a SupporTOR, find out more here.


Corporate Sponsors


Bad Wolf Television supported The Other Room's 'TOR Emerging Writers 2020-2021 programme. They currently sponsor a development programme entitled '3 Phase Participation Model' (Autumn 2021).


Arts Councils



Over the years we have received many Arts Council Wales National Lottery Grants and most recently been grateful recipients of the Cultural Recovery Fund distributed by the Welsh Government through ACW.

Trusts and Foundations


Esmée Fairbairn Foundation have offered regular core funding support to The Other Room over recent years, including additional support to help us weather the COVID crisis.



The Garrick Charitable Trust have supported The Other Room through the development of an upcoming production. Watch this space for more information.



Over the years, The Carne Trust have supported TOR on numerous occaisions, specifically regarding the development of young and emerging talent coming out of South Wales.

Thank you to Bristol plumber for sponsoring this page through their Bristol Plumbers donations.