Bloggy Blog by Trainee Director, Samantha Jones
Oct 17 2018

Bloggy Blog by Trainee Director, Samantha Jones

Bloggy Blog - 17/10/18

I can’t believe that it’s now the dawning of October, and that it’s been almost 4 months since the Young Artists Festival, my first job as Trainee Director.

In all honesty? I’ve gone on a bit of a journey these past few months. As a person in the creative industry that wants to do everything and doesn’t like to say no to any job, I have found myself spreading my time over 6-8 different jobs. Some jobs to make money, some jobs to satisfy my other creative needs; and of course, my new job at The Other Room.

What I’ve discovered is: that it’s not possible. And your body will tell you that, as mine did recently. I went and broke my foot being totally rock & roll (I lie, I tripped ever so uncouthly over a small rock on a small mountain) and came down with the stinky Autumn lurgy that wiped me out for over a week.

And the thing is? I found that trying to dedicate quality time and work to these jobs, for me, is just not possible. My exciting role as Trainee Director, where I was attending (and a lot of the time not attending) my weekly meetings, struggling to make time to get to the theatre to help out, not finding time to do some reading or work, was affecting my job. Of course. But at the time you think IT’S FINE I CAN DO EVERYTHING I AM A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN (who does not need to smoke, classic Friends reference) (p.s. I don’t smoke). Again, this is not the case.

One tiny human isn’t meant to do everything.

And underneath all this trying to do everything and pleasing everyone, is the chronic feeling of failure, and not being good enough. This, unfortunately, affects a lot of lovely people that I know as well as myself.

But god damn it, I’m working hard to beat that, and to make the most of this role. I’ve had some amazing chats with the core team Biz, Dan & George, some lovely advice from other TOR team members, an AMAZING mentor meeting with Vivienne Buckley (I love her so much I want to just knit a jumper saying I love Vivienne and sell it to everyone because everyone loves Vivienne). The team are supportive, encouraging, understanding, and once again, human too!

Yasmin & I have started the SEEN scratch nights again which is hugely enjoyable, allowing writers a platform for their ideas, but just working with Yasmin is joy enough. Watching the new season kicking off to a flying start, Duty Managing my first show, prepping for exciting projects next year. It’s all wonderful, and I truly am in my element.

And most importantly, TOR has helped me learn to narrow things down, and give me a direction. And by jove, I’m following that direction, and cannot WAIT to see where it leads.

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