Farewell to our Professional Pathway Programme
Jun 1 2020

Farewell to our Professional Pathway Programme

Today we say farewell to our Professional Pathway Programme participants. Over two years the programme has offered work based development opportunities and a genuine pathway into the industry for seven early career creatives. This year's Professional Pathway Programme was a year long engagement, and had always intended to end in June 2020. This week we say goodbye to our current Press & Marketing Associate, Trainee Producer, Associate Director and Trainee Director. This is not the send off we had imagined. We are sad to be saying goodbye during this dark and uncertain time.
Here at The Other Room we had an exciting spring programme primed and ready to go, including our trainee showcase in collaboration with RWCMD. These projects have of course been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. So although we are saying goodbye to our participants as team members, the project has not ended just yet. Thanks to the patience and support of Arts Council Wales, there is hope that we can round off their training as intended. We are working hard with potential stakeholders to close this chapter properly, and give our participants the send off they deserve. Time will tell how our industry emerges from this catastrophe. All we do know is that fresh, undervalued and unheard voices are those who we will be championing once we're through.
We want to say a heartfelt thank you to Alys Hewitt, Ben Clark, Claire Bottomley, Matthew Holmquist, Nerida Bradley, Samantha Jones and Yasmin Williams. Thank you for your time at The Other Room. We hope that you have enjoyed and grown during your time with us, but the true legacy of the programme will be how we have learned from you. Thank you for your bravery, dedication and grit. Each and everyone of you has worked hard with compassion and integrity, and The Other Room will be a better organisation because of it. And of course, this project wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborations from a number of key partners including RWCMD, Theatr Clwyd, Wales Millenium Centre, Creu Cymru and Hijinx.
So what happens next? The truth is, we do not know. In the short term The Other Room will be closing our Blue Sky Online season, and awaiting important decisions from stakeholders. In the medium-term, as a project funded organisation, our output will be at an all time low as we wait for this smoke to clear. In the longer-term we have a seriously steep hill to climb. We remain optimistic though. We believe that limitation leads to creativity and revolution. So now is the time to connect so that we may ride that wave of innovation together. This is an invitation for audiences and artists to connect. We want to hear from familiar faces, from unfamiliar faces and especially from those who feel there is a barrier between themselves and our work. Visit our OpenRoom platform to arrange a meeting, or join our SupporTOR family if you have the means to help; let us know who you are and what stories you have to tell. There are still many things for us to learn and improve on, both as a theatre and as community.
Thank you to everyone for your continued faith and support.
The Other Room Team

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