Mari Izzard Announced as the Winner of the Violet Burns Playwright Award 2018 by Dan Jones
Nov 20 2018

Mari Izzard Announced as the Winner of the Violet Burns Playwright Award 2018 by Dan Jones

Like many arts organisations, ensuring our art represents the community we serve is absolutely paramount. I know I'm not alone when I claim there is a worrying lack of female playwrights’ work being commissioned and produced here in Wales. The remedy for this needed to come fast and fiercely, which is why it gives me great pleasure to announce Mari Izzard as the winner of the Violet Burns Playwright Award.

Mari sports a distinctly anarchic quality to her Welsh language writing that offers a flavour of dialogue that will no doubt set her apart from others. Already an emerging actor, she is brimming with passion, has the biggest heart and an exquisite candour. It's going to be wild, so be sure to watch this space for further announcements.

We have been blown away by the interest received. The award is a big part of our steadfast commitment to  ringing to the fore unheard voices from across Wales, championing women in theatre to achieve their creative potential, and I have no doubt that the legacy of the award will extend way beyond Mari. I would like to thank and congratulate every applicant for their submission. The competition was fierce and we have a richer understanding of our Welsh speaking female playwrights as a result. Thanks also to Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru for their generous support of the application and selection process.

The final word however is reserved for Hayley Burns, daughter of Violet, and donor of the award, without whom this year’s award would not be possible. Hayley has made the most meaningful contribution to Mari's career, The Other Room's programme and the Welsh theatre ecology and we will be forever thankful. The commitment to local female playwrights, inboth English and Welsh, will remain a fixture of our programming here in The Other Room, and we couldn't be more excited.


"I wanted to create this award in memory of a woman who never knew how incredibly talented she was. I know that Mum would be proud that it was helping other young women to reach their full creative potential.” 
- Hayley Burns

The Violet Burns Playwright Award enables The Other Room to discover new and distinct female voices in Wales. Click here for more information on the Violet Burns Playwright Awaard.

Written by Dan Jones, Artsitic Director

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