The Violence Series
May 30 2019

The Violence Series


An anthology of three brand new plays by Matthew Bulgo, Tess Berry-Hart and Mari Izzard. 

THE VIOLENCE SERIES opens with the premiere of American Nightmare by Matthew Bulgo (Last Christmas, The Awkward Years, Constellation Street), running 10 – 29 September. The play tackles political violence through the tale of a dystopian USA - while the super-rich wine and dine in sky-line restaurants dreaming of bigger and better cities, the poor enrol at a secret military facility in a programme with more than sinister ends. Directed by Sara Lloyd, American Nightmare dissects the battle lines that exist within the eponymous ‘American Dream’.


Next, Tess Berry-Hart heralds her arrival in Wales with a sharp, shock of a play running  8 – 27 October. Inspired by Tess’s work with refugees from Assad’s jails and Libyan prisons, The Story is a psychological thriller set in a Kafkaesque world that questions the language of ‘othering’ and humanity itself. What stories do we tell ourselves to justify violence? Is mental torture worse than physical? And how long can we last before our loyalty – and sanity - splinters and snaps? The Story is a disquieting exploration of moral condemnation and personal responsibility that keeps the audience guessing to the very end. The production reunites Tess with her long-time artistic collaborator, director David Mercatali.


The season rounds off with a brand-new bilingual (Welsh and English) play from the winner of the Violet Burns Playwright Award, Mari Izzard, which runs 5 – 24 November. Hela (Hunting) talks of sexual violence, its legacy and its effects. Sporting its own anarchic flavour of the Welsh language, Hela asks if we truly understand sexual abuse. Can such deep seated pain ever be defused? And how far we are willing to go to see justice happen? The production marks The Other Room’s Artistic Director Dan Jones’ professional debut in the Welsh-language.


In addition to it's run at The Other Room, THE VIOLENCE SERIES will be touring England and Wales in the Spring of 2020.

Cast and ticket announcements to follow...

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