Welcome to Blue Sky
Jul 24 2015

Welcome to Blue Sky

We are delighted to announce our second season of work...

Blue Sky.


Blud by Kelly Jones, co-produced with otherMother.

1/9/15 - 18/9/15

Written by BBC Wales Drama Award winner Kelly Jones, Blud is the first offering from brand new Welsh theatre company otherMother.
A war is waging between rival football clubs outside the window of an abandoned locker room and Rita and her sister Lou have kidnapped a premiership football player. 
Rita is a warrior. A fighter. As the Commander General of the Cotley Town FC female football firm she and her sister Lou trade in violence and power. But when her old friend and the football club’s prized captain Marcus James announces he is leaving for a rival club, Rita’s world turns on its axis and she is forced to become the hero of her own war. 
Your Room by... you!
5/10/15 - 14/11/15
The Other Room presents Your Room, six weeks where we open our doors to hundreds of artists from Cardiff and beyond. As part of Your Room we will present Blue Sky Scratch, a series of work-in-progress performances. Any company can apply for a one-night slot to show a piece of new work, and audiences are invited to bring in a pint or glass of wine and be ready to share their thoughts in a feedback session afterwards, led by one of the Other Room team. This is a chance for our audience to be part of the creative process and to get a glimpse of brand new shows in development, and for us to meet future collaborators. We can’t wait. 

Alongside Blue Sky Scratch we have organised a number of one-off Blue Sky pop-up events, conceived in the adventurous spirit of the Blue Sky season. Following the success of our Young Artists Festival, we are delighted to announce the Blue Sky Artists Festival, a week of master classes and collaboration open to artists interested in working together to make fresh and exciting work within Wales and culminating in three nights of public performance. We are incredibly excited to invite such a wide range of talent into The Other Room, and a full Your Room programme will launch in August, containing details on how to participate as well as buy tickets to all the Your Room events.


Alix in Wundergarten by Katy Owen, François Pandolfo and the Company, co-produced with difficult|stage.
1/12/15 - 19/12/15
Presenting The Other Room and difficult|stage's alternative Christmas show!
Full details on performances of Blud and Alix in Wundergarten and tickets are available now from our online box office, and you can find all these details and take a look at the wonderful artwork designed for us by our arty recent graduates George Morton (Blud), Ruth Clemmey (Your Room) and Henry Lascelles (Alix in Wundergarten). More on them soon!
Something else new for this season; all of our previews are now Pay What You Can performances. This means that both the Tuesday and Wednesday preview performances of Blud and Alix in Wundergarten will not be charged at our usual £10/£12 rate. Audience will turn up on the night and contribute what they can. That might be £0, it might be £100, but we want to open up these preview performances to everyone. You can reserve a seat for these performances online through ticketsource now, but we will also be leaving plenty available on the door for those who want to decide on the night.
We are incredibly excited for Blue Sky, we hope that you are too.
One Room. No Rules.
The Other Room invites the artists of Wales in.
All dates, prices and tickets available here now.

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