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The Other Room are pleased to present PLAYROOM, a play reading group based out of the theatre. We are bringing together a group of Cardiff based creatives, across a wide range of disciplines, who share our love of plays and are bursting with thoughts that they just can't keep them to themselves.

The group will be sharing and discussing a mixture of both new and established texts; plays that vary in form, style, themes and challenges. This will be a creative space for artists, regardless of levels of experience to simply chat, play and enjoy what we do in a no-pressure environment. Every session will consist of a reading of the play in the room, followed by a discussion.

PLAYROOM is every month and it’s first come first serve. If you enjoy it, bring friends! 



For this month, PLAYROOM will be doing Deep Cut by Philip Ralph.
As ever be there will be snacks, drinks and most importantly a bloody good play! This session will be limited to twenty people so please do book in advance. 
To book your place, email with your name and the subject line being: PLAYROOM.

Join us for a great Sunday evening on 3rd of March at 5:00pm, play reading begins at 17:30.