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We want to invest in the people who have invested in us.

Pursuit Writers is a year long development program for three playwrights, who have specifically submitted work to The Other Room’s monthly scratch platform SEEN *. The programme will consist of workshops from some of the most exciting writers in the sector, focused mentorship and guidance from the TOR team. The culmination of all of this work will result in the writer creating a brand new play.

Participant writers will experience a research and development period, with actors, on their scripts, as well as other writing opportunities that are part of The Other Room’s programme of work. All of this will culminate in the full-length plays, which will be celebrated and shared at a launch event. At this launch, The Other Room will offer one of the three playwrights a commission with a commitment to producing the play in a future programme. This is an unpaid opportunity; The Other Room will contribute to any travel expenses that are necessary to take part in the program.

To apply you must have submitted work to any SEEN (*or any previous scratch event hosted by The Other Room - Scratch Sunday's etc.) event from the beginning of The Other Room’s incarnation. You will also need to have flexible availability during January 2020 specifically for a short script development process. If you would like to apply please send Matthew Holmquist ( a covering letter/video submission/audio recording outlining the following points:

  • What skills would you like to develop during your time at The Other Room.
  •  What have you learnt since applying to SEEN.
  • Your relevant experience and why you would like to work with The Other Room
  • A short separate treatment/video/audio recording, outlining an idea for the play that you would like to develop whilst on the PURSUIT Writers Program.

The deadline for this application is Midday on 1st of November 2019.

Shortlisted applicants will be offered an interview with our Trainee Director and Associate Director to talk through the script proposal in more detail, before making a final decision.