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SupporTOR - our supporters scheme. For those of you who feel like you want to be an even bigger part of the family.

We are pleased to share The Other Room’s supporters scheme, which we hope will help us to bring together a community of advocates and sponsors who support our vision. We want to represent their views, we want to connect them with our organisation and we want to connect them with one another.

Why join the scheme?

The Other Room is a small space for big ideas. It is our mission to present up-close work with a global perspective; to be a place where new Welsh plays go toe-to-toe with the classics of modern drama; that celebrates Wales as a bilingual nation; and where young artists have the freedom to take big risks.

We could wax lyrical about the benefits of theatre and how it changes lives. We could give you numbers of how many people have walked through our doors, how many artists we’ve supported to start a career in the arts and how much money we’ve contributed to the local economy since we opened. But the bottom line is that we do of all that through the plays we make. The more we make, the more we can give.

We want to make plays. Really good plays. We want to be excited. We want to be inspired. We want to have fun. And we’re pretty sure you do too.

Our work depends on funding provided by donations, grants, sponsorship and ticket sales. Join the scheme, meet some new people and help us to keep making plays.

Why do we need a supporters scheme?

The Other Room team work year round in order to raise the thousands of pounds that we need to make the work that we perform happen. A huge amount rests on decisions that come from the Arts Council of Wales and numerous trust and funding organisations. Being so reliant on these decisions can make or break us as an organisation and we are keen to find as many ways as possible to become less reliant on this money. This theatre could not have got off the ground without the support of you, and we want to invite you to join hands with us and invest in The Other Room as a strong and permanent Cardiff institution.

Becoming a SupporTOR

Becoming a SupporTOR is easy (joining is £30 a year – that’s £2.50 a month) and we want to be able to thank you personally for the help that you give us. So we’ve arranged a few rewards for your help that we hope demonstrate just how grateful we are.

As a thank you we will:

  • Reward you with the latest news and announcements before they hit the press.

  • Sign you up to our special biannual news bulletin featuring behind-the-scenes content

  • Send you invitations to attend exclusive SupporTOR events.

  • Offer you access to an exclusive SupporTOR’s ticket presale, giving you access to our events before anyone else.

  • And finally, we will invite you to a special annual SupporTOR's party, where you can come and be merry with us and we can thank you personally for all your help.

You can sign up to the scheme today by filling out the online form here. You will not be required to enter any payment details at this stage, this is handled securely by GoCardless. Once we process your details, our partners at GoCardless will send you an email to set up and confirm your donation. Thank you.