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Laura Inkpen

Laura Inkpen


Laura first came to the attention of The Other Room during our monthly SEEN scratch platform. Then, Laura applied to, and was chosen to be a be a part of our Pursuit Writers Programme; a scheme specifically desinged to bridge the gap between scratch and commission. We wish a hige congrdulations to Laura and the others who partipcated in the programme.

Laura is a graduate of Warwick University with a BA and MA in English and American Literature. After an extended hiatus from writing due to a chronic health condition she has had a number of poems published in both national and international anthologies and journals, as well as a few short film scripts shortlisted in the Screencraft and It’s my Shout scriptwriting competitions. More recently she has dipped her toe into playwrighting and has had a handful of short plays performed in her hometown of Cardiff.

"As such a new writer I could not be more excited and grateful to be chosen to be part of The Other Room’s project. At a time when most writing schemes seem happy to enforce all manner of restrictions on their entrants, this scheme’s unapologetic commitment to supporting and developing emerging writers of any age and experience level is a breath of fresh air. Its emphasis on collaboration and community input is an equally massive draw, and I could not be more thrilled to team up with anyone and all willing to both share their real-world experiences and help co-create a more powerful authentic play than I could ever write alone." - Laura