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It breaks our heart to say that Porter’s and The Other Room are now entering our final 6 months here at Harlech Court. While we are working hard to find a new home for both the bar and the theatre, there is no denying this is the end of an era, and we want to go out with a bang.

It’s hard out there at the moment, isn’t it? But we keep moving, doing as we always do, just keep rolling with the punches. We want to do something that celebrates the resilience of theatre makers and artists of Wales. We also know many of you have never had the opportunity to perform on The Other Room stage. So if this is going to be the last 6 months, then it is going to be the wildest and freest 6 months we have ever had.

Try Your Art Out is an open call to perform at The Other Room. Send us your idea and as long as the dates work we will give you a slot in The Other Room 2022 programme on a box office split. Simple.

One condition though, it has to be shorter than 90 minutes (apart from in exceptional circumstances). This is because our friends in Porter’s have their own live music programme. We want work that maybe has little resources but is bursting with big ideas and imagination. It can be an old project you want to bring back, something new you have been working on, or even a work in progress that needs a deadline to take it over the finishing line. The Other Room belongs to Cardiff and the rest of Wales, and if it is to begin again somewhere new, then we want Cardiff and the rest of Wales to use it.

Please send us your proposal to samantha@otherroomtheatre.comPlease include your name, contact number, any examples or photos of your work and artwork for the piece. We are humans, so if you are missing some of that, just let us know and we can chat it out.

It might go without saying, but it will also need to take place soon, specifically between May 30th and October 15th. Not all dates in this period are free because remember, we are also presenting our projects and season of work, which we really hope you can check out.

Please note. We relish risk taking, back brave ideas, and believe in freedom of expression - but if your work crosses the line into hate or preaches intolerance, then we cannot consider it for this project.