We are Cardiff's Pub Theatre. And what does a Pub Theatre need? It needs a fantastic pub.

In Porter's you will always find a warm welcome, a great atmosphere and superb entertainment. They programme everything. Live music, Theatre (that's us!), Comedy. You name it, it probably exists somewhere at Porter's. Porter's is about you, and Porter's is about a cracking night out.

Porter's serves Lagers, Bottled Ales, World Beers, Spirits, Wines, Soft Drinks, Waterloo Teas, Coffees and other tasty treats.

Check out their events pages for the latest listingsĀ here.

The motto at Porter's?

'Good People. Good Times.'

We couldn't agree more. They're more than most pubs are to their theatres. Porter's is our partner, and we're looking forward to the many more good times we will share with them.