It’s nearly Christmas.

It’s so nearly Christmas that the pressure is on. By law there is a partridge in every pear tree, the lengths of tinsel to wall ratio cannot be off by an inch and you better not sing out of tune. City districts have been cordoned off for Christmas celebrations, the Police are checking everyone’s Christmas licenses and 'Cheer' is being dealt on every street corner.

This is Christmas. In an attempt to capitalize even more on the country in a time of low morale, the government brought Christmas, hard. The elite celebrate the festive season, purchasing extortionately priced Christmas licenses from the state. The rest of society aren’t so fortunate, resorting to the synthetically produced ‘Cheer’, a black market substance dealt in pill form - simulating all of the warm, fuzzy feelings of the festive season.

In the back room of an illegal bar Jules sits making fake Christmas licenses in the run up to Christmas Day, selling them to those who can just about afford one, trading contraband with people who can’t. When a stranger, Todd, knocks on what she thought was the hidden door to her office, she is offered a new deal. But is Jules willing to take this next step into the Christmas underworld?

Is it safe?
What would happen if they were caught?
And all this talk of Cheer?
Would it just be easier to slip into oblivion?


An original play presented by Big Loop Theatre CompanyCheer is a challenging display of how far people will go in order to get their festive fix.

Cast & Creatives

Writer // Kitty Hughes
Director // Duncan Hallis
Designer // Ceci Calf
Lighting Designer // Garrin Clarke
Sound Designer // Matthew Holmquist
Assistant Director // Alanna Iddon
Producer // George Soave
Assistant Producer // Yasmin Williams

Jules // Alice Downing
Todd // Cory Tucker


Big Loop Theatre Company are // 
Alice Downing, Duncan Hallis, Kitty Hughes, George Soave and Cory Tucker


Running time // approx. 80 minutes




Pre-show TOUCH TOUR available before Saturday 8th December's 15:00 production of 'Cheer'! 
Please arrive at 14:15 ready for a short touch tour of the production. You'll be shown around the set (with all of it's moving parts!), with the chance to familiarise yourself with the characters, their voices and costumes. 
Touch Tour will be delivered by Beth House from Taking Flight Theatre Company and will last approximately 30 minutes.

If you'd like to book on, please email george@otherroomtheatre.com after you've booked to let us know. 

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Content Warnings

This production contains content warnings. If you would like to view a fully comprehensive list of content 'triggers' before booking. Please click below for more details.

Content Warnings