You understand none of this really true, because what I wrote today is true, but you'll read it by tomorrow, or the next day, and my whole life will be different. Is that how life is, a new draft for every day, a new view for each hour?

My Name is Rachel Corrie follows an impassioned American student from her safe childhood bedroom in Washington to the moment she stood between a civilian house and an armoured bulldozer in The Gaza Strip. Curated from Rachel Corrie's own writings, her words sing with idealism, eloquence and most of all hope.

Premiered in 2005 at London's Royal Court Theatre and edited by Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner, My Name is Rachel Corrie is the first offering from new Cardiff based company Graphic, working in association with The Other Room to present the Welsh premiere of this brilliant and important play.

Cast & Creatives

Rachel Corrie

Shannon Keogh

Taken from the writings of

Rachel Corrie

Edited by

Alan Rickman and Katharine Viner


Chelsey Gillard


Shane Nickels

Lighting Designer

Jai Morjaria

Sound Designer

Matthew Holmquist

Joshua Bowles

Stage Manager

Danny Muir

Assistant Producer


My Name Is Rachel Corrie will run at The Other Room 10/10 - 21/10

PWYC Preview - 10/10

'TOR presents...' eventĀ - 18/10