Presented by August012 in collaboration with Welsh Ballroom Community

Wales is in the World Cup

We have been waiting since 1958 but 

We are not welcome in Qatar

We are told to just 'focus on the football’ 


Don’t accept substitutes

Catwalks, shorts, DJ, football, turf, offside, commentators 

Welcome to the new beautiful game 


FootBallroom - You will be welcome here


Cast & Creatives

Created by

Mathilde López

Produced by

Shane Nickels & Angela Harris

Choreographed by

Leighton Rees

Composed by

Branwen Munn

Costumed by

Petros Kourtellaris

Devised and Performed by

Nia Gandhi, Kingsley Jacob, Tom Mumford, Alia Ramna, Muz Ramzan and Rick Yale.


This performance will mainly be standing only with a limited number of seats. 
Tickets are Pay What You Can.
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