The one-man cat-drag, late-night comedy show comes to The Other Room - with a sprinkling of Christmas catnip.

This is the final chance for Cardiff audiences to catch the last chapter in the autobiography of infamous feline movie star Milly-Liu before she heads off on tour.

The cat’s out of the bag and Milly-Liu is ready to spill the beans on all your favourite celebrity pussies. From Bagpuss to Felix, she’s worked with the best of them, and been to bed with the rest of them! Come join her (if you dare), but be warned, she’ll throw you around like a half dead mouse and FFS don’t mention David Attenborough!


“Pandolfo’s tragicomic creation… a Tiger Bay Grizabella with addictive tendencies” 
- The Stage  stars.png

“...written and performed with a genuine sense of danger by Francois Pandolfo, was the sort of quintessential, not-for-everyone Fringe experience that David would have loved - bonkers and filthy yet oddly moving”
- John Mackay

David Johnson Emerging Talent Award Winner 2022

Presented by difficult stage in association with The Other Room, supported by Sherman Theatre, and with special thanks to the Plesance Futures and the Edinburgh National Partnership.


Cast & Creatives

François Pandolfo

Writer & Performer

Dan Jones




Content Warnings

This performance contains:

  • Strong Language
  • Partial Nudity
  • Dark Humour
  • Loud and sudden noises
  • Scenes Depicting:
    • Sex and sexual Acts
    • Sexual Assault
    • Defecation
    • Drug use / abuse
    • Murder / Death
  • References to:
    • Paedophilia
    • Sexual Assault
    • Violence
    • Animal Harm / Bestiality
    • Death
  • Ableist Language
  • Misogynistic Language
  • Audience Participation, in the form of:
    • Mild interaction
    • Brief and occasional conversation
    • Providing straight forward instructions on occasions
    • Audiences will NOT be asked to perform
    • Audiences will NOT be asked to divulge personal information
    • Stickers requesting not to be interacted with will be available.


Interpreted into BSL by Simon Johanson on Thursday December 15th.