I want you to like me, I'm terrified you'll think I'm a t**t. You won't like me though, not when you really get to know me.

Charlie wants to tell you a story.

He is loved. He can't help torturing those he loves but they may be the only way he can make it through.

Charlie is an alcoholic and an addict, and he's battling his demons right in front of you.

Nicola Reynolds' poignant, funny and insightful debut play about the nature of addiction and denial asks; how do we know what makes us do the things we do? And how high a price will we pay in order to find out?

Cast & Creatives


Neal McWilliams

Written and Directed by

Nicola Reynolds


9/5 - 14/5

£12/10 conc.

PWYC Preview - 9/5

BSL interpreted performance - 12/5