SEEN: Tension

Monday 14/10/2019

First Stage

The world is crumbling. The earth trembles. Everywhere, the facade is falling. Peaceful days are numbered. For so long, tension has built beneath your feet, stalked you in the shadows, grown in your gut. Now it darkens the horizon like a rising tsunami. Security, comfort, safety are humiliated by the stark reality that nothing will ever be the same. How do we react when things fall apart?

Please be aware that although this theme follows the VIOLENCE SERIES in concept, we view it as open and flexible; please know that writers may respond in absurd and indirect ways. Focus on the micro or macro, the shared or personal experience, play with genre, form, and content. Exercise as much artistic freedom as the theme allows.

Please note that we are especially interested in receiving submissions from people of colour, LGBTQ+ individuals, disabled individuals, working class individuals and those who identify as trans / non-binary.

As always, SEEN will be three 10-minute script-in-hand performances which all respond to a particular theme, followed by a post-scratch Q&A/discussion between writers and the audience.


Photo credit: Aiyush Pachnanda

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