SEEN: Cycles

Sunday 29/03/2020

The beginning and the end meet. Two ends of a circle touch. This month, we’re looking at cycles. Repetition, patterns and sequences. 

Stories and legacies passed down over generations to the point where we lose the source. History repeats itself in front of our eyes. We get lost in the pursuit of moving forward only to find ourselves stood where we started. 

Why do we find comfort in treading the same paths? How do we break these cycles? Where or who do these cycles originate from? How can we use these patterns to play with form and tell great stories?


Scripts should be no longer than 10 minutes long and must respond to the theme. 

To apply, please email us your script to seen@otherroomtheatre.com. We are always interested in hearing from actors and directors so please send us an expression of interest and/or CV. 

We are especially interested in receiving submissions from people of colour, LGBTQ+ individuals, disabled individuals, working class individuals and trans / non-binary individuals.

As always, SEEN will be three 10-minute script-in-hand performances which all respond to a particular theme, followed by a post-scratch Q&A/discussion between writers and the audience.

Cast & Creatives