SEEN: Utopias

Sunday 01/03/2020

Following LGBTQ+ History Month, it is the time to embrace the past but also look to the future. The road behind us is long; full of pain and rich with history. The one in front of our feet sometimes looks just as turbulent but also as full of potential. 

How and when do we foresee changes arising? How does the world look through a queer lense? How can we learn from the pain of the past and make art from the ashes? How do we hope the world will look like for LGBTQ people in ten years time?

For this event, we are only taking submissions from LGBTQ+ writers. We are particularly interested in hearing from trans and non-binary writers and LGBTQ writers who are also people of colour, disabled or under/working class.


Scripts should be no longer than 10 minutes long and must respond to the theme. 

To apply, please email us your script to seen@otherroomtheatre.com. We are always interested in hearing from actors and directors so please send us an expression of interest and/or CV. 

As always, SEEN will be three 10-minute script-in-hand performances which all respond to a particular theme, followed by a post-scratch Q&A/discussion between writers and the audience.

Cast & Creatives