“It was never our job to fix the world. Only to live in it.”

Mae Branwen a Math yn unedig mewn cariad. Ond wrth i’r cenhedloedd ryfela a chefnforoedd godi, a all eu gobaith am fywyd gyda'i gilydd oroesi? A all cariad ein hamddiffyn rhag digwyddiadau seismig y byd? A all y wlad o dan ein traed byth gyfateb i'r cartref yn ein calonnau a'r iaith yn ein heneidiau?

Huno yw drama gyntaf y dramodydd lleol Tamar Williams. Mae’n plethu Saesneg a Chymraeg, chwedl a realiti, yr epig a’r personol, wrth i ni dystio i fywyd un fenyw a ddaliwyd yn sgil ymdrechion dynion.

Dewch gyda ni ar siwrne lle mae’r môr yn cyffwrdd y lan a lle mae chwedlau’n dod yn fyw.

Branwen and Math are united in love. But as nations war and oceans rise, can their hope for a life together survive? Can love protect us from seismic world events? Can the land under our feet ever match the home in our hearts and the language in our souls?

Huno is the debut play of local playwright Tamar Williams. It interweaves English and Welsh, myth and reality, the epic and the personal, as we bear witness to the life of one woman caught in the wake of the endeavours of men.

Huno is a play in Welsh and English that can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

Come join us on a journey where the sea touches the shores and myths come alive.

 Art work by Kirsten McTernan and designed by limegreentangerine.

[The image is a poster. The picture shows a woman's face, with her eyes turned downwards. This shot is out of focus and in the background, casting shades of bronze and red. In the foreground the shot focuses on several water droplets. Within these droplets we can see the woman's face, refracted and reflected in different ways.]

Cast & Creatives


Lowri Izzard

David Craig



Dan Jones

Set and Costume Designer

Ruth Stringer

Lighting Designer

Elanor Higgins

Sound Designer

Ian Barnard

Stage Manager

Theo Hung


Supported by

Gwneir y cynhyrchiad hwn yn bosibl trwy gefnogaeth hael gan y canlynol: Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru, Sefydliad Esmée Fairbairn, Ymddiriedolaeth Garrick, Bad Wolf TV Studios, Arts & Business Cymru ac Ymddiriedolaeth Carne.
This production is made possible by the generous support of the Arts Council of Wales, The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Garrick Trust, Bad Wolf TV Studios, Arts & Business Cymru, and The Carne Trust.




Free sheets with basic production infromation are available at the theatre, but in order to minimize our impact on the enviroment, our production programmes are electronic. Please download our Programme PDF file here:


Huno Programme



Running Time

The running time for Huno is approximately 80mins.

Closed Captioning Performances

There will be performances with Closed Captioning available (dates to be conifrmed). We have 6 units available per show; feel free to request one at the door or, if you would prefer, contact ben@otherroomtheatre to secure a device in advance. 


Content Warnings

The show will contain

  • Flashing lights 
  • Darkness
  • Loud noises
  • The use of water in a close space
  • Language: Strong language (swearing)
  • Sexist, ableist and xenophibic language

References to: sex, sexual violence, self-harm, abuse, violence, domestic violence

Scenes depicting:

  • War / terrorism
  • Blood
  • Domestic Violence
  • Death
  • Child loss


The show will be staged on three sides, and the set will contain water. This show has unreserved seating. Most of the seats are individual chairs, however some benches will also be in use. For these seats, we have estimated a space approximately 50cm x 50cm per person. We have a limited number of cushions availble upon request.

We can accommodate a maximum of one wheelchair user per performance for this production. Wheelchair tickets are available on Ticket Source. Please email ben@otherroomtheatre.com with any questions or queries.


More information

More access information can be found on the Your Visit Page.