The Welsh Ladies

Presented by Purple Strings Productions

'The Lady Speaks in Welsh' Henry IV Part 1.

The Welsh Lady exists only in stage directions...but what if she had her own voice? What would she say?

‘The Welsh Ladies’ is a bilingual episodic gig-theatre show intertwining poetry and music to represent a linguistic map of the Womxn of Wales, with a reclamation upon their sense of Womxnhood, Welshness, Sexuality and Identity. It is a conversation across the centuries, with an exploration into the blending of music genres like Welsh folk with Lo-Fi beats. Featuring the voices of over 100 Welsh Womxn from historical poet Gwerful Mechain who wrote an ode to her c**t to a celebration of Betty Campbell the first Black headteacher in Wales as well as verbatim voice-notes from contemporary Welsh Womxn about vibrators and Tom Jones...this is not one to miss!

Cast & Creatives



Writer / Artistic Director

Grace O'Brien


Rachel Thomas / Nicole Goodchild

Movement Director

Rebecca Wilson


Nia Roberts



Please note: The Matinee performance on Saturday at 17th has been cancelled.

+ access tickets are available for wheelchair users.


Running Time:



Trigger Warnings:

Offensive language and details of sexual assaullt.