Charlotte Johnson: My Dad and Other Lies

Presented by Charlotte Johnson

My Dad is the most important man in the country* but this isn't about him. It’s about me, Charlotte Johnson. You might think you know me because you read an article about me somewhere, but only about 20% of that is true. In my debut hour, get to know the real Charlotte Johnson before I become the next big thing.

*due to ongoing parliamentary investigations, some information may be out of date at the time of print.

‘Nepobabies’ are unfairly vilified, but Charlotte Johnson (yes, THAT Johnson) is here to defend her tribe and share her talents with the world. 

Her Dad is rapidly losing his relevance, but Charlotte Johnson is here to reclaim hers. In an hour of silly character driven comedy, Charlotte Johnson proves that she’s more than just her good surname.

Cast & Creatives


Charlotte Johnson


Martin Willis


Emily Appleton


Charlotte Johnson



Standard £10

Concession £8

Unwaged £5

+ access tickets are available for wheelchair users.


Running Time:

1 Hour


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