Your Are Here

Presented by Chris (Neil is my Dad)

"There’s a room, a kind of room that you can’t describe." 

Your size in the universe can be summed up using loads of unhelpful incoherent metaphors, like:

Inconceivably Grand
The whole Infinity of creation
A bee in a cathedral
Waltzing in the dark
Like a raisin pudding
Sugary dusting on a fairy cake
A fragile sphere spiralling through an inescapable suffocating force...
And loads loads loads loads more!
Yea, alright. But what is it?

You Are Here is a lecture style performance with the aim to create, discuss and explore the size and scale of the universe and ourselves in relation to it.

An interactive talk which tries (mostly fails) to explore the awesome scale of the universe with nothing more than some string and pink boiler suit, but honesty, I'll try not to get stressed. 

Shout with me against the dark, and find your awesome place as a speck in an infinitely large universe, a dot on an invisible dot labelled, "You Are Here".

Cast & Creatives

Writer & Performer

Chris Johnson


Nye Russell-Thompson (StammerMouth)


Tess Seymour



Standard £10

Concession £8

Unwaged £5

+ access tickets are available for wheelchair users.


Running Time:

1 Hour


Content Wanrings: