The Other Room are delighted to reintroduce Your Room – but not as you’ve known it before.

Your Room celebrates the ambition and artistry within Cardiff and beyond. Once a week we’ll be holding #yourroom; a community art project you can take part in from your very own room!

From Wednesday 15th April, we invite you all to get artsy and share your talents in response to a weekly prompt or stimulus. Paint, photograph, draw, or dance… Create a piece of visual language, a tune, or poem. Free-write, improvise, design costumes or envision a set – you can respond anyway you want! 

We’re looking for as many people as possible to share their ideas with each other! Don’t feel pressured to create a work of genius – this is your room, your art and your opportunity to express yourself.

Interested? Keep an eye out for our weekly prompt on Wednesday mornings, create your masterpiece, and upload your creation with the hashtag #yourroom (or send it to any of our socials directly). Then, at the end of the day we’ll share every submission we get!

Happy making.


WEEK 6 - 20/05/2020

The below clip is from Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs (2018). The scene took eight months to film, and highlights the patience, determination, and attention to detail that stop-motion animation can entail. But it’s also a fun and playful scene, and despite its subtlety reminds us that innovation and creativity will always help to make art stand out.

Can you adapt any of these elements into your own work? Think about the perspective, the ‘liveness’, and how closely the scene mimics real life. If you’d like to try your hand at animation, there are lots of beginner’s guides online to help get you started. Show us what you come up with!

WEEK 5 - 13/05/2020

Choose your favourite album. Pick your favourite song. Whilst listening to the song, try sketching out the album artwork. You can try to replicate it, or be as abstract as you want. This activity is a great way to connect images and sounds, and may give you a better insight as to why the artwork was chosen. If you want to continue and make your sketch more detailed, why not let the whole album play? Feel free to send us your creations and we’ll add them to the Your Room collection! 

Here are some of our favourites from Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves…

WEEK 4 - 06/05/2020

Photography offers an insight into people, places, and events like nothing else. As we continue through these unprecedented times, we’re asking you to share your favourite photos so far or take some new ones; empty streets, friends and family, pets who feel intruded upon, or your innovative ways of staying entertained! Show us what life in lockdown looks like… 

We’ve attached work from some brilliant local photographers to get you in the mood. Check ‘em out!

@kirstenmcternanphotography | @tessseymourphotography | @elijahlewisthomas

WEEK 3 - 29/04/2020

This week is doodle week. Whether you’re looking for an outlet or feeling a little overwhelmed, doodling has been found to increase concentration, spur creativity, and relieve stress. It’s thought to help bridge the gap between day-dreaming and productivity, offering a way to anchor creative thoughts. 

Another great thing about doodling is that there are no rules; just grab a pen and see where it takes you. Shapes, colours, characters, words - anything you draw becomes part of the pattern. If you’d like to submit your work at the end of the day you can send your design to any of our socials!

Here are some brilliant examples from GenerallySpeaking, Irena Zablotska, and Lei Melendres to get you on your way.

WEEK 2 - 22/04/2020

Painter Georgia O’Keeffe was the leading figure of American Modernism. Best known for her close-ups of flowers and abstract desert landscapes, her work was pioneering. She has inspired generations with her unique and uncompromising style.There are so many fantastic paintings to choose from, the selection here is just a taster. Anything grab you? 

(Images from left to right: Summer Days, From the Lake, Red Canna, Sky Above Clouds IV, Tony Vaccaro - Georgia O’Keeffe - New Mexico - 1960)

Here are some prompts to get you on your way:

  • What are the main themes you can identify from these paintings? Where else can you spot these themes?

  • Why has O’Keeffe decided to present nature in this way?  What is the relationship between animals and the environment they live in?

  • What do these paintings tell us about life and death? How do they depict the passing of time?

  • How can you adapt these concepts and apply them to your chosen art form? 

  • Throughout her life, O’Keeffe constantly denied the sexualised readings applied to her work. What does this tell us about interpretation and misinterpretation? How can the audience shape the meaning of art? Are these readings still valid, despite her denial of them? 

Head to the O’Keeffe Museum Instagram page (okeeffemuseum) for more inspiration!

WEEK 1 - 15/04/2020

Our first prompt is all you. What did you dream of last night? What was the last vivid dream you can remember? Perhaps there are some running themes you can pinpoint? Why do you think we dream, and what can they tell us about ourselves? How can we express something so mysterious, yet so personal? Give it a go… let’s see what your subconscious has to say!

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